Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X has changed the usual definition of a fighting multiplayer. Now the outcome of a game tournament matters not for you and the opponent individually, but for hundreds of players you cooperate with.

Welcome to the Faction Games! At the first launch, newcomers are asked to choose the faction they wish to represent. They are White Lotus initiated by Raiden, Special Forces of Sonya Blade, the Brotherhood of Shadows of Quan Chi, Lin Kuei of Sub-Zero, and Black Dragon of Kano’s apprentices. Players usually pick the group where their favorite character is enlisted, others switch the guild over time, and some prefer to battle alone.

Members then contribute points earned in tournaments or offline modes to the common total. At the end of a week, participants of the strongest game faction get bonuses according to their contribution.

Once again, the game offers 3 variations of kombatants, each with special abilities. For example, Kung Lao Tempest can use his hat to defend from bullets and cut opponents with its brim. At the same time, the Hat Trick Lao places nasty traps out of his head accessory.

A game updating stamina meter accelerates the strength of punches and lets the character perform a combo breaker, unbalancing the enemy to get into a deep defense or play out their own set of combos.

Fascinating X-Ray tools to finish him or her on short notice are also bound to stamina, draining it completely.

In other aspects, Mortal Kombat X continues the traditional chain. Thirty characters that survived Armageddon are building a foundation for the new chapter that will turn the game history upside down.