Story Mode

Story Mode

The Story of Mortal Kombat in Biographies

Mortal Kombat 2011 casts events of the three former chapters in the light of sixteen biographies. The Story Mode discovers individual motivations of heroes and villains, shows how they encounter, building a history of the saga.

Story begins in the Mortal Kombat VII chapter when Raiden is about to die under Shang Tsung’s hand. He clutches the broken amulet and sends one message through it: “He must win.”

The message moves through the encrypted time channel to strike Raiden’s mind at the very first Mortal Kombat tournament. He tells about the odd vision from the medallion that’s now broken, to Liu Kang, who believes the God and becomes his first helpmate.

Raiden recruits more allies, starting with Johnny Cage, Sonya, and Jax. He encourages them to train hard to prevent Armageddon. But he relies the most on Liu Kang because thinks that this fighter is the chosen one who must finish Shang Tsung.

The game pulls us further into the Cyber Initiative problem. Characters are touching the theme constantly in dialogues, they’re in the permanent danger of being kidnapped or killed by cyborgs. When Sub-Zero was deprived of his cognition and turned into a reckless machine, we learned what a great hazard it really is.

One by one, Mortal Kombat warriors leave Shang Tsung and take Raiden’s side.

Jade was bound closely to Kitana and the royal family. An accidental witness of the princess’s fate, she decided to change her own destiny.

Kitana was idolizing her father, Shao Kahn. She made everything, so he can be proud of his daughter. Being ordered to get rid of intruders from Earthrealm, she was restlessly pursuing Raiden’s team. But tending to diplomacy, the God tried to awaken a good side in Kitana and open her eyes.

At Flesh Pits, the princess saw plenty of ugly creatures that resembled her strongly. When she realized it was Shang Tsung’s job, she caught him immediately and brought him to her father, seeking his defense and fair judgment. But instead, Shao Kahn stood on the sorcerer’s side, because, in fact, he was the killer of Kitana’s biological father. The lord used Kitana no more than a personal assassin.

After the shocking news, imprisonment, and a sudden attack of her mother Sindel, Kitana was entirely emptied. At last, she surrendered to the void of death.

She was not the only one in disbelief. All Liu Kang’s attempts to kill Shang Tsung made the amulet crush worse. He was no more sure about his destiny as a savior of Mortal Kombat’s Universe. Instead, fanatic Raiden insisted on his fighting, not noticing the numerous deaths of those who trusted in him. At last, he accidentally killed Liu Kang only to realize his illusions were false.

It was Quang Ching who told him the truth. A dark horse of the game, an artful shapeshifter on the Shang Tsung’s side, in reality, serves the forgotten Elder God Shinnok. The sorcerer strives to revive God’s absolute Era and become his right hand in the domination over the worlds.