Previously an MKX branch, and now a mashup with an individual roster, Mortal Kombat Mobile is an official cardboard fighting. It’s available in the smartphone app stores for free.

The requirements are not so bitter: you will need a 64-bit system (iPhone 5S+ or Android 5+), 1 GB RAM, and about 1.5 GB of space. It’s run by Unreal Engine 4, which means the app won’t work without an Internet connection.

The Mobile game is absolutely different from what we’re used to. In general, you interact with cards and estimate your combination in practice. You have main hero cards, which you can power up with extra gear, weapon, spell, and other boosting cards. Each can be upgraded by battling or buying for koins and souls. There are bronze, silver, gold, and diamond types of cards with their own level system.

It has great graphic design, Fatalities, and X-Rays. However, not all characters can do so, with X-Ray available only for golden cards. The contest system is utterly different from the console game. Kombatants send punches strictly one after another, there are no such things as unexpected attacks or usual combos.

You enter the arena with 3 characters against 3 bots. By the way, the smartphone version has an interesting feature called the Faction War, where you can battle heroes from the other player’s personal collection. They will be guided by AI since the fighting mechanics here don’t allow multiplayer.

Mortal Kombat Mobile can win nice bonuses for your console, and vise versa. For example, if you link the account to your phone, you receive the option to change the Shao Kahn announcements to Kronika’s voice. At the same time, you get 40 Souls and MK11 characters in the app.

You shouldn’t take this app as a substitute for the original series. It just gives you the opportunity to play away from the gamepad whenever you want it. The card collectors especially are likely to appreciate the smartphone add-on.