Hacks for Mortal Kombat X range from illegal side patches to intentional secrets embedded by developers.

The first type gives you an unlimited source of koins, souls, and alliance points usually. They don’t work on consoles for obvious reasons and are compatible with PCs and mobiles. If goals in the game don’t attract you, you may try any of the found patches.

Now about legal cheats introduced by the NetherRealm team.

In MK11 towers, you are able to make bots fight for you. When selecting a character, click on AI toggling, and adjust the battle style of your future bot. Then start the game and look at how your kombatants figure out appropriate moves, trying hard to get through. Mind that albeit this tool is a helper, you’ll get lower scores.

In MKX Living Towers, you have a whole trophy named “Keep it secret.” To take it, fight with a hidden foe in each of the bastions. You can miss them at once, but just keep trying, and they’ll reveal their faces.

The mechanics to retrieve enemies are almost or entirely the same. Reptile resides in the 1st Bastion. To unlock him, you need to win Flawlessly one round at the 6th floor and come out with Fatality or Brutality. To unlock Kitana in the 2nd, repeat the same on the 8th floor.

Mileena is in the 3rd fight of the 3rd Tower. Ermac, aside from the Flawless victory and Fatality, requires 7 or more uppercuts in one round of the 8th tournament. Goro you can meet in the 7th battle of the 4th Bastion.

As you see, it’s not necessary to hack MK to have fun from the process. However, it doesn’t matter which way you choose as long as you’re having a good play.