Deadly Alliance

Deadly Alliance

The release date of 5th Mortal Kombat, the Deadly Alliance, was 2002, when 2D graphics stepped back to give 3D the way. Developers tried to transfer battles into the new dimension, but soon the community realized it won’t be the same anymore.

The game continues with Quan Chi escaping the Scorpion’s redemption. He traps into an ancient tomb with mummies from the times of the unbreakable Dragon King’s army, the Outerworld ruler. The idea of world domination sparks in his head immediately, but he needs hundreds of souls to resurrect soldiers. With Shao Kahn, he forms the Deadly Alliance, which is a real menace to the integrity of worlds.

This game introduced three styles of kombat: 2 hand-to-hand and 1 with weapons. You could use them together in the battle and make special combos. Characters finally received a personal set of moves each but left with one fatality for a hero only.

Mortal Kombat V is the first Krypt inventor. You could unlock lots of bonuses like new characters, augments, skins, concept arts, and other stuff with koins.

A few ways to earn koins were participating in battles, achieving daily tasks, playing mini games, or training in a Konquest mode. It was invented for players to get accustomed to new fighting styles. The richest reward was two secret characters, Blaze and Mokap, when you successfully completed all missions. Overall, the game presented 21 kombatants with Kitana, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and a long list of other biographies returning (except for Liu Kang surprisingly).

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance provoked controversial feelings. The development team was only learning 3D mechanics, and the product had a range of flaws, for example, kombatants punched too slow. However, the atmosphere of novelties blacked out all minor bugs in the eyes of true fans.