The Mortal Kombat Story Moves On

The craziest of Mortal Kombats is absolutely the 7th edition, and it really is Armageddon. The team put all fighters from the previous games in one roster, opened a long-dreamed kombatant creation studio, and spiced up the battles with an elaborative story and hundreds of Krypt bonuses.

It all begins with Delia envisioning the inevitable downfall of worlds. The time she lives in is full of enormously mighty warriors and cunningly wise sorcerers, all of which want to consume each other’s powers. To prevent the hazard, she with her husband Argus raises a tough game pyramid with an unbeatable fire elemental Blaze on the peak. Challenged fighters ascend the steps to prove their strength, but instead meet face to face with their destiny.

While warriors are busy dying, two lords, unable to reach consent about the fate of realms, shift the responsibility to their two sons and the only new characters as well, Taven and Daegon. They send them to sleep apart from each other under the protection of two dragons, not saying a word. When Blaze announces the time has come, dragons must wake their wards up to fight for the Earthrealm protector’s throne.

Depending on the weapon they will choose, one winner can peacefully deprive kombatants of their powers, and another can lead to genocide. But dragon Karo misinterprets the signal and wakes Daegon up much earlier, and the perfect plan gets screwed up.

You Will Like the Gameplay

Mortal Kombat VII gathered 62 fighters: Mileena, Sub-Zero, Mokap, Sindel, Sareena, and others you know from the old forges. The main heroes Taven and Daegon are the only ones you’ve never seen before. Besides, you will notice two empty slots which are intended for your personal kombatants.

A new Kreate-a-Fighter mode gives you an instrument of absolute creativity. Over 1000 combinations of skins, costumes, weapons, postures, fighting styles, and even Fatality moves. To lift your interest, developers blocked a significant part of the menu. To unlock it, you’ll need a lot of koins. Fortunately, they also had some mercy and gave you a chance to loot the Krypt via 60 relics of the Konquest.

The modern Krypt is predictable and structured. Now you can watch the insides of tombs and navigate through sectors of Artworks, Videos, and Game items.

Mortal Kombat’s Armageddon has happened both for inhabitants and players. You can lose yourself in the scenario, minigames, mods, bonuses—there are approximately 6 months of slow pace play! The 7th edition has put the game in a special place once and forever because nothing can compete with the insane minds that created it.