Mortal Kombat 12

Mortal Kombat 12

The new game of the Mortal Kombat franchise is still under a thick cover of privacy. American media managed to bite off a bit of information for us: it’s going to be ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Recently NetherRealm sought a graphical engineer aider which supports the aforesaid. Also, Michael Myers will visit the game as a guest.

Still, it’s the only reliable information available to us. We have plenty of conspiracy theories instead that are interesting to examine.

Fans had been betting on 2021 previously but decided to expect a release until 2023. They believe to have a numerous army, including names Azuma, Kovu, Ivory, Watcher, Leon Black, and Seth Branson fighting along or against iconic heroes from older games.

Logically, the new Mortal Kombat plot will develop one of two Aftermath endings. Back then, it’s either Liu Kang who got the crown back and shifted to the Great Kung Lao’s era; or Shang Tsung who finally fulfilled his evil ambitions and consumed the nearest realms, drawing closer to Chaos- and Orderrealm.

If the good ending is true, we’re about to try out characters we’ve never seen or heard of only a little. We’re talking about Masters of our modern kombatants, heroes and villains possessing ancient powers. That means no heroes of our timeā€”if writers won’t twist the plot once again, bringing them all together on Liu Kang’s side.

The bad ending opens up the way for long-living races, Edenians, Chaosrealmers, Orderrealmers, Nether beasts, Gods, and elementals. Besides, we will have the chance to explore other game realms better.

Whatever ending they choose, Mortal Kombat players are interested in new faces that each of the outcomes promises. And assuming that developers tend to listen to their fans, it’s safe to suggest that these theories have a big impact on what the game will look like. Of course, along with stunning updates no one of us ever dreamed about.