Aftermath Expansion

Aftermath Expansion

Mortal Kombat 11 is exceptional in many ways, and the most memorable thing of it is the Aftermath DLC. This time not only stages, new combos, fatalities, and skins were introduced, but a sequel for the original story.

Depending on your choice in the final battle of Liu Kang against Shang Tsung, you get one of two possible game endings.

If you want an evil outcome, pick the Shang Tsung side and bring Liu Kang’s Era to a quick end. The black sorcerer will then set Kronika’s hourglass to his needs. As we remember from earlier games, he always wanted an indisputable authority over the realms, and so he gets. His servants Raiden and Fujin report that three realms have already bowed to the warlock’s might. Shang Tsung declares the prey after Chaosrealm and Orderrealm.

In the perspective of the next Mortal Kombat, this ending can open Chaosrealm and Orderrealm to our glance and their inhabitants to play. But the plot then may be stuck in a dead-end: either Shang Tsung enslaves all creatures as he has been planning or his dreamed terror bursts like a big bulb. Characters won’t evolve personally, and the gameplay will be narrowed to a simple war of evil and good.

When you game for Liu Kang and take the crown back, the perfect vision of the Universe without evil gets its development. In the last cutscene, the Protector of Earthrealm picks a small humble boy in the Academy as his apprentice. He’s the Great Kung Lao, Liu’s grandfather a few generations back.

The Lord is choosing to rewrite history by taking the part in it. And Mortal Kombat gamers support this ending the most because it gives grounds for new views to thrive. What if the reign of good becomes a new terror? What if Liu Kang accepts the utopia cannot be reached? There is much to figure out about the game both for fans and characters.