MK 11

MK 11

Mortal Kombat 11 players agree that developers have elevated graphics a hundred levels up compared to the previous forge. We enjoy a great cinematic story, loads of accessories for each character, and visibly smoother moves with postures replacing each other realistically. But was the gameplay punched a few levels down instead?

The good news is the fighting system was also a high priority. The team literally reassembled it from the core. We must observe a new game strategy, as it has been switched from “force forward” to “observe and predict” mode. If previously one could push buttons at random and have their chance for victory, now each careless action has its price.

First, the stamina bar was split. It contains defensive and offensive meters, one for dodging opponent’s attacks and the second to start battling. In this game, you can’t quit a punch row until the enemy breaks or shoots you up in the air. But improved blocks can minimize damage and give you a chance to strike back.

The Fatal Blow becomes a revenge tool since only players with less than 30% of health can use it. Alongside, they introduced us to a Krushing Blow: it triples the damage made if you find the right combination to unlock it. These two special moves can be used one time in a game and might be a death sentence if you put them out at the right time.

Bosses and opponents now are twice as strong. To cope with them, you must seek extra boosting items in Krypt, adjust the battling style of your character, add or remove special moves, embed augments in gears to improve stats, and analyze positions closely. As you see, the game offers lots to learn even for old players.

Though Mortal Kombat is actively evolving, it always remains golden fighting you can spend the best hours with. So have a great time playing it on this site.