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Iron Snout

We are all used to imagining pigs as cute and harmless animals. They are very kind and constantly wallow in the swamp. However, in this game you have to see them from the other side. The main character is a pig that will not let nasty wolves to offend itself. They are constantly trying to get to the main character and kill him.

Mortal Kombat Games Online

The legendary battling series you admire will soon turn 30 years old. It has everything to magnetize: an actively evolving Universe, stunning tournaments to show off your skills, and characters with epic backgrounds.

In the latest release, Kronika runs a massive time shift. It rewrote the fates of many (not mentioning Raiden) and brought back classic heroes & and villains of Mortal Kombat II, all to balance the realms. Every character gets involved in the grand battle of the titan puppeteer.

Come up with perfect combos in matches against AI, compete with your friends, and reveal the true winner! Each of you will have fun here, in a large fan collection of online games.

Reasons This Fighting Game Is the Best

Legendary characters are coming back! They’re shaking off the rust, ready to feed their enemies up. Meet Scorpion, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, and dozens of other notable fighters you know and love.

If you’re up to something unknown, discover the perks of three new kombatants. Play as the Goddess of Virtue Cetrion, Kronika’s daughter; eternal Geras, the Kronika’s obedient servant; and Kollector, a gruesome and greedy Shao Kahn collector. Besides, the game gives you the chance to test Terminator in the toughest battles!

Customize your loved hero with 60 skins available! Now you’re able to adjust your fighter’s look down to weapons and the smallest accessories. It’s more than you can find in any game of the saga: good news for rarity looters and PvP players.

In addition, you can adjust battle moves and abilities just as you wish. Gear your fighter up, enable or disable special skills… Now you have everything to set up the kombatant of your dreams! For the fair game, the adjustment function is limited in serious tournaments, but you can apply it against rough AI opponents and bosses.

The tension is higher than ever. Now, the defeated never knows if the defeater will spare their life or classically perform a bloody fatality. On the other hand, the losing hero can fall into a state of rage and easily even up chances for victory. This innovation is actually a good idea: if you don’t want your friend to feel offended too much, you can end the match with the friendship move.

Enjoy Mortal Kombat both on PC and in the browser now—return any time you want. You will like the variety of fan-made battles with brutal characters we’ve gathered on this site.